21 March 2010

$10 9 drawer dresser

With some TLC this piece will be fabulous.  Just the fact that I paid $10 for it makes it even more fabulous!
Stay tuned....

Coveted Pieces

I couldn't be more excited for these awesome antiques. The lady that sold them to me has had them since she was a little girl and they were used then.  I am so glad she decided to list them for sale rather than taking them to an antique store to sell.  I have been searching and searching internet ads for gems just like these for weeks!  The problem is....do I paint them?  They have been restored, but I can so see these being WHITE!

I think these may need some cute knobs from Anthropologie.

13 March 2010


I picked up a pair of these chairs at the local thrift shop.  $9 each.
I had the vision, although was doubted. They are on their way to what I had hoped that they could be.

This is after sanding and two coats of glossy white paint.

The inspiration....although, I am going the white route.